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DIDASK Biogas plants produce biogas and bio-fertilizers from biological wastes and energy crops by means of wet fermentation in a setting free oxygen. ( wet anaerobic digestion). An industrial biogas plant is a large construction project which consists of 70-80% High capital equipment.
The main part is closed reactor (or digester, methane tanks, bioreactors) made of reinforced concrete or glass-fused-to-steel tanks.

Liquid biological wastes are pumped to the biogas plants via pipeline. This comes to the primary tank, where they are homogenized and heated to the required temperature.

Solid wastes are loaded to the digester with the assistance of a special screw auger. The digesters are heated to the correct temperature by the heat-transfer system.

All the work of waste fermentation is done by microorganisms, and are injected into the digester only during the initial biogas plant start up. The end products after digestion are biogas and bio-fertilizer.

Biogas is stored within a gas holder. Inside the gas holder, pressure and biogas composition is evened. From the gas holder, biogas is constantly supplied to the gas or diesel-gas combined heat and power system by means of the gas supply systems. The gas supply system has an integrated system for biogas drying, hydrogen sulphide removal and gas conditioning. Big biogas plants are equipped with biogas flares. If plant owners do not need to generate electricity, but gas as a final products, the biogas plant can be equipped with CO2 removal and bio-methane upgrading systems.

Digested biomass is a fertilizer the liquid fraction can be separated from the solid fertilizer fraction with the help of a separator and is stored in a fertilizer storage tank.

The complete biogas system is controlled by an automation system. 1 man-hour per day of technical staff input is enough to ensure a smooth operating biogas plant.


To make the world a better place to live in by the development of economic, efficient and environmental friendly energy technology solutions.


To create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the growth of the biogas industry thus reducing the dependence n fossil fuels.


Biogas is the one of the only technologically fully established

renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity, vehicle fuel and other valuable byproducts. It is, in the true sense of the word, a dynamic energy source. Biogas has become a fuel to be looked forward to. This growth has begun over the last two decades.

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