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Biogas is produced in biogas plants by the biological degradation of biomass – mainly farming substrate, manure, energy crops, food waste and by-products of the food processing industries. Biogas is composed mainly of methane gas, a flammable gas and Carbon dioxide gas. Methane gas is an efficient energy carrier that has a wide range of uses and so is highly valuable. The Carbon dioxide gas produced is the same as the quantity of Carbon dioxide gas captured when the biomass was created. The carbon dioxide gas has many uses in the food and beverage industries, healthcare industry, oil and gas industry, welding and fabrication industry.


Fermentation by bacteria in air-tight tanks, known as digesters, produces biogas in a process comprising several stages. Biogas is produced whenever organic matter decomposes in an anaerobic environment or environment without oxygen. Microorganisms and bacteria make the process happen. It is a natural process which occurs in many instances in nature such as the digestive tract of a cow. In a biogas plant this natural process is simply accelerated by creating the best possible conditions for the microorganisms and bacteria such as continuous stirring and warming the organic matter.


Any organic matter can be used to produce biogas with few exemptions, but typically manure, energy crops and organic waste often generated from the food processing industry can be used.

Some of the benefits of biogas Economical and Social
  • Production of valuable green energy in the form of electricity, heating & cooling by highly efficient energy conversion of wet biomasses.
  • Sale of Biogas and Bio CNG as replacement of high cost LPG.
  • Reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Sale of CO2 in solid, liquid and gaseous form.
  • Sale of Organic Fertilizer produced as by-products.
  • Providing chilling services for cold storage / air conditioning plants.
  • Reduction of odor emissions (manure processing plants).
  • Sale of Carbon credits generated through avoided methane emissions, electricity generation and chilling services provision.
  • Reduction of pathogens.
  • Sale of electricity at attractive prices through short term contracts.
  • Sale of Renewable Energy Certificates from sale of electricity.

To make the world a better place to live in by the development of economic, efficient and environmental friendly energy technology solutions.


To create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the growth of the biogas industry thus reducing the dependence n fossil fuels.


Biogas is the one of the only technologically fully established

renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity, vehicle fuel and other valuable byproducts. It is, in the true sense of the word, a dynamic energy source. Biogas has become a fuel to be looked forward to. This growth has begun over the last two decades.

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