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In the modern business landscape, the process of successfully navigating change – whether it’s organizational or related to products and services – is one of the most highly-valued skills for the entrepreneur.

And to manage change successfully, an entrepreneur must possess the skills and tools for strategy formulation as well as implementation. The combination of these two elements has come to be known as strategic leadership, providing the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization. Thus choosing the right investment with strategy formulation and implementation is the core to the success of any venture.

In property investments, there is more than just an occupied building with a paying tenant. Imagine a property that delivers a 40% net rental yield, with a government guaranteed tenant for 20 years with an annual inflationary increase, a fixed management and maintenance charge and an insurance against anything going wrong. All this even before the property has been built.

Investing in renewable energy is like investing in property which generates long term predictable revenues streams. There is no shortage of property investors but renewable energy investments are still new hence less understood. They are an excellent low risk opportunity – because most governments around the world are short of electricity they offer generous subsidies, guarantees and tax breaks that property investors can only dream about.

  1. Revenues are guaranteed by the government for twenty years – even before the plant is built;
  2. Delivering a guaranteed minimum return of 10% before tax breaks;
  3. Revenues are index-linked to inflation;
  4. Long term fixed price maintenance contracts are available;
  5. Low cost insurances are available to guarantee plant performance
  6. Land backed guarantees in excess of 200% of the plant value can be obtained from the supplying farmer;
  7. Capital gains are tax free in an Enterprise Investment Scheme for biogas plants;
  8. Dividends are also tax-free if the plant is registered as a Venture Capital Trust;
  9. You receive a 30% income tax credit back on your investment – where you are repaid taxes you paid in the current or previous year;
  10. Capital gains taxes from other investments can be deferred and rolled over in addition to the income tax credit;
  11. Inheritance taxes can also be deferred and rolled over.

These all aggregate to deliver the investor a 20% after tax return, which is equivalent to a 40% net annual return, before tax from a typical property rental for a top bracket marginal tax payer. The twelfth reason is that you will also be doing something useful for the environment – every ton of methane from animal slurries converted to biogas saves the equivalent of twenty one tons of Carbon dioxide and it is one of the few fuel technologies which is accepted as morally correct.

This is in addition to the products produced, namely Biomethane, Bio CNG, Carbon dioxide, Compost, Liquid Fertilizer, Bioelectricity. The production of Biomethane also entitles us to receive Carbon emission Certificates. The production of electricity from biogas entitles us to receive Renewable Energy Certificates on supply to the main grid.

In line with Didask Bioenergy’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible investing, this is a very environmentally friendly process, as it reduces the amount of methane, a greenhouse gas which is twenty five times more powerful than carbon dioxide, from being released into the atmosphere, and also helps dispose of organic waste in a way that is profitable, so making the venture financially sustainable.

In a time when so many economic and financial principles and the institutions built on them that have been considered to be invaluable for years are failing, and the economic and financial situation in the whole world is unstable and uncertain, the founders of Didask Bioenergy believe that the only way to create lasting wealth for Investors and other stakeholders in the projects and associated businesses in which we choose to invest as a community is to create real and lasting value for all our stakeholders by solving a real problem they have. Here by way of waste management or disposal of vegetative subtracts and producing valuable by products of biogas. If not, these investments will simply not deliver sustainable, above-average returns for our investors in the long-term and the Community itself will not be sustainable.


To make the world a better place to live in by the development of economic, efficient and environmental friendly energy technology solutions.


To create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the growth of the biogas industry thus reducing the dependence n fossil fuels.


Biogas is the one of the only technologically fully established

renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity, vehicle fuel and other valuable byproducts. It is, in the true sense of the word, a dynamic energy source. Biogas has become a fuel to be looked forward to. This growth has begun over the last two decades.

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