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Total Quality Management at Didask

At Didask Bioenergy Pvt Ltd, We follow Total Quality Management which is a dedicated effort to providing a continuously increasing level of quality in an effort to retain the attention (and repeat business) of your customers. Widely practiced throughout the world, large corporations are continuously examining their products and services through the practice of TQM to optimize their competitiveness, paying particular attention to their core customer base.

A Total Quality Management analysis have routinely experienced an improved understanding of their customers’ needs, an overall increase in customer satisfaction, streamlined communication within their organization and better problem-solving. Plus, TQM has enabled many businesses to unify their workforce though enhanced levels of motivation – a key reward many hope to achieve as a result of the process.

All of these revelations lead to stronger relationships with suppliers, fewer product and supply errors and a noticeable reduction in waste related to business processes. At Didask Bioenergy Pvt Ltd we follow, Total Quality Management (TQM) which is a competitive approach to long-term success that’s derived from a dedication to customer satisfaction. Within this system, every employee in at Didask Bioenergy endeavors to enhance the products, services and internal culture to produce a streamlined set of business processes that deliver an improved customer experience.

Also commonly known as Quality Management, a TQM effort is unique in that it requires a high level of commitment to an established philosophy, with every member of the organization not only familiar with the end goal but committed to it – a dedication mainly attributed to the self-motivation of employees through reward-based incentives.

For the overall process to be effective, we make use of some key practices to promote the culture of Total Quality Management and, in doing so, positively impact nearly every process within Didask Bioenergy. These include:

  • Fostering a continuous drive toward improving products and services
  • Quality achievement is not dependent only upon the inspection of product but by the complete process
  • Working with a limited quality conscious suppliers, so as to avoid having to award supplier contracts based on price alone
  • Committed to a continuous reevaluation of processes related to planning, production and service to achieve improvement goals
  • Providing job training to develop valuable staff, including opportunities for extensive education and improvement
  • Removing of barriers between staff thereby facilitating a free-flow of collaboration and ideas
  • Task everyone within the organization toward achieving the transformation goals of TQM
Fostering Positive Impact through Research and Effective Leadership

Total Quality Management has had a profound impact in Didask Bioenergy. Two main areas we insist, provides the benefits of Total Quality Management to be integrated as seamlessly as possible. They are benchmarking and employee participation.

Benchmarking is Didask’s competitive method used to evaluate the success of our company’s products and services in relation to our competitors. This practice calls for an in-depth study of our competitors and is an essential component to achieving a successful TQM impact on our organization. The overall goal is to analyze how Didask Bioenergy operates with respect to a particular product or service, emulating and improving upon it whenever possible.

The other area of focus, employee participation, is the most crucial. A successful effort toward the goals established by Didask Bioenergy through TQM provides a workforce that is both well-trained and committed to the activities selected for process improvements

In addition, At Didask, continuous education and training are provided to employees which adds to the drive for quality by improving the capabilities, while instilling a culture of self-improvement that leads to the a feeling of having a personal stake in the company. As a result, Our employees are more willing to take on additional responsibilities, communicate more effectively, act creatively and innovate – a system that can be directly linked to customer satisfaction metrics in Total Quality Management.

DMAIC System

We at Didask Bioenergy also try improving ourselves at every stage. We use an old management system known as the DMAIC Management System.

  • Defining the problems
  • Measuring key aspects of the production process
  • Analyzing the data to study cause and effect relationships
  • Improve upon the current processes to reduce defects and process variation
  • Control and modify future operations to reduce the likelihood of defects

Thus we keep innovating and studying each day. Unless we study, we cannot teach. So our quest for knowledge goes on and on.....


To make the world a better place to live in by the development of economic, efficient and environmental friendly energy technology solutions.


To create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the growth of the biogas industry thus reducing the dependence n fossil fuels.


Biogas is the one of the only technologically fully established

renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity, vehicle fuel and other valuable byproducts. It is, in the true sense of the word, a dynamic energy source. Biogas has become a fuel to be looked forward to. This growth has begun over the last two decades.

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