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Seven good green reasons to be energy farmer by producing biogas
  • Biogas production ensure economical viability and smart utilization of exiting resource. As an Energy farmer and investor entrepreneur, you would bolster your land and set a way for producing energy with excellent yield prospects.
  • As the traditional energy sources are diminishing the supply of gas, heat and electricity from renewable energy source is gaining popularity and is of high importance considering the current political and social conditions intending to phase out nuclear power and thus offering excellent future potentials.
  • Biogas is the most resourceful and the only directly storable energy among the renewable energy source known. Its potential for utilization and exploitation is outstanding. It is fed as electricity on to the grid, the heat generated can be for the regional supply for feed-in to the public network and bio methane as an automobile fuel.
  • Biomethane has become the alternative to natural gas which is usually imported and expensive. Biogas producers contribute to the independence from international market for expensive. Biogas producer contribute to the independence from international market for expensive petroleum products. Due to this biogas has become increasingly attractive for energy suppliers.
  • Biogas is a green gas and so is environmentally friendly. Other than minimizing green house gases, the digested biomass used as solid liquid manure also leads to active groundwater protection as chemical fertilizer usage is reduced.
  • Avoiding methane emissions, electricity generation and chilling services provision through green energy sources produces carbon credits which can be sold to carbon producers.
  • Sale of other by products such as carbon dioxide which is used in industrial welding, food industries packing industries etc.

To make the world a better place to live in by the development of economic, efficient and environmental friendly energy technology solutions.


To create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the growth of the biogas industry thus reducing the dependence n fossil fuels.


Biogas is the one of the only technologically fully established

renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity, vehicle fuel and other valuable byproducts. It is, in the true sense of the word, a dynamic energy source. Biogas has become a fuel to be looked forward to. This growth has begun over the last two decades.

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